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     Join the fun at the Gourmet Vegetarian Dinners in Palo Alto

How do I attend the Gourmet Vegetarian Dinners?
Chef Gary Alinder, since 1987
Every Monday, 6:30 PM
First Baptist Church, Palo Alto
305 North California Avenue
at Bryant
1/4 mile East of Alma
Sit Down or Take-out, $15
Reservations Requested:
Call 650 599-3320 by
Monday 9:30 AM.
Open to everyone. Communal seating--new people easily integrate into our friendly group, which includes many singles. Make new friends on Mondays!

Coming Events
Monday, August 24
Joe Deisher speaks on Talking and Walking: Outlining an Understanding and Living a Life of Health.
Friday, September 11 - Sunday, September 13
13th Annual Relationship Seminar hosted by Al Lampell in Los Gatos. Information: 408 296-0567
Monday, September 21
Dr. Tia Rich speaks on CARES™, practical Compassion, Awareness and Relationship skills to Ease Stress.
Saturday, October 3 - Sunday, October 4
10th Annual World Vegetarian Festival Weekend, San Francisco County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park. Information:
News and Announcements
On Monday, October 5 at 8 PM, senior teacher of macrobiotics Verne Varona will speak on Macrobiotics for Dummies — A 21st Century Multi-Cultural Approach Toward Body, Mind & Spirit Health.  Learn how to adopt macrobiotic principles into your daily life and customize your diet for specific needs.  More information will come in the October/November newsletter which will appear soon.  Reservations not needed for the lecture, $5-10 donation suggested.

Before the presentation, join us at 6:30 pm for a Gourmet Vegetarian Dinner, see details in the box at left.  Please reserve by calling 650 599-3320 by 9:30 AM.

Verne will be available for health consultations on October 6. For information or appointments, .

Make a date with a friend to meet at a Monday Dinner, or come by yourself and make new friends! Either way, you'll get a great meal and a lot more--everyone wins!

Help publicize the Monday Dinners! An easy way to spread the word about our weekly community gathering is to click on the Tell-A-Friend link in the upper left of this page. Just fill out the form with the email addresses of up to two friends, along with any personal comments you'd like to add, and click Submit--this emails your comments along with pre-written details of the Dinners and a link to this website!

Another way to help is to post a copy of our Dinner Menus in public locations. For a pdf file suitable for printing, click here.

The 40th Annual French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp concluded successfully on July 19. Veteran teachers David and Cynthia Briscoe were welcomed back after an absence of several years. There was an infusion of many new people who became enthusiastic initiates into the French Meadows experience. The abundant, unbridled energy of the many children made the camp feel more youthful and complete. The fun times passed by very quickly. The 41st Annual camp takes place July 17-25, 2010!

Monthly Vegan Potlucks! The Peninsula Veggie Potluck People, a spinoff of the Monday Dinners, sponsor monthly vegan potlucks; for details, visit To host a potluck, call Diane Wohler at 650 704-0669, or Harold Stephenson at 650 856-1125.

The 13th Annual Relationship Seminar, led by Monday Dinner regular Al Lampell, takes place September 11-13 at the Presentation Center in Los Gatos. $650/couple or $450/single, includes lodging, all meals, seminar, and materials. Info: 408 296-0567,

The North Bay Macrobiotic Potluck Group usually meets the first Sunday of each month in Santa Rosa, contact Stephen Starkweather (), 707 542-9739,
Autumnal Equinox Dinner
September 21, 2009
White Bean and Cabbage Soup

Lentil Loaf with
Roasted Tomato Sauce

Millet Quinoa Pilaf

Roast Fall Winter Squash

Savory Greens Salad

Zucchini Cake

Chamomile Tea

After-Dinner Presentation
Dr. Tia Rich introduces CARES™, practical Compassion, Awareness and Relationship skills to Ease Stress

More Dinner Menus...

Cooking and Classes
James Holloway, frequent Guest Chef at the Monday Dinners, does personal home cooking in Palo Alto, in macrobiotic and classical styles, call 650 852-9182.

Marin-based cookbook author, lecturer, and macrobiotic food coach Meredith McCarty teaches a cooking class, Meatless Menu Planning with Tempeh, Tuesday, September 22, 6:30-8:30 pm, Redwood High School, 120/Staff Lounge, 395 Doherty Dr., Larkspur, $50. She will lecture on The Basics of Healthy Eating on Thursday, September 24, 6:30-8 pm, Tamalpais High School, Wood Hall 148, Miller Ave. at Camino Alto, Mill Valley, $25. Register for the class or lecture at For more information, call 415 272-5525 or visit

For information on macrobiotic activities hosted by Macrobiotic Health Counselor Michelle Nemer, based in El Cerrito, email or call 510 527-4367.

Macrobiotic Counselor Julie Ong teaches personal macrobiotic cooking classes and does macrobiotic consultations; call 415 312-0241 or visit
In the stress of modern life, how little room is left for that most comfortable vanity that whispers in our ears that failures are not faults!
Agnes Repplier
The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.
Leo Buscaglia
Our intellect has achieved the most tremendous things, but in the meantime our spiritual dwelling has fallen into disrepair.
After-Dinner Events
Speakers receive a gratuity from the audience; please show your support and appreciation with a donation ($5-10 suggested).

Modern medicine, which dominates our health care system, is preoccupied with diseases and expensive, high-tech methods of treating them. Contrast this with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which sees health in a much broader view, as a state of abundant free-flowing energy which applies not just to individuals, but to families, communities, and ecosystems as well.

Would our health care system be improved by adopting the more encompassing view of TCM? Find out on August 24, when local QiGong teacher Joe Deisher will discuss and demonstrate the TCM approach in his presentation Talking and Walking: Outlining an Understanding and Living a Life of Health. The discussion portion will consider the advantages of shifting the emphasis of health care away from the medical business, to the broader TCM approach of keeping ourselves, our families, our communities, and our ecosystems abundant, free-flowing, and energetic. The demonstration portion will include QiGong, a system originating in the East that we can use to train (gong) our internal, metabolic, energies (qi). In its external, or moving aspect, QiGong activates circulation of blood, lymph, digestive juices, and Qi. In its internal, or quiet aspect, QiGong subtly manages the body's various circulations. We will experience both moving and quiet aspects, and work our way towards a balanced, or TaiChi, way of moving in the world.

Joe Deisher went to Japan in 1964 to study the martial art Aikido and the board game Go; during his stay in Japan he discovered macrobiotics and the underlying practices and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By the time he left Japan in 1972 he had begun teaching TaiChi Chuan for health. Joe has continued his transcultural approach to studies in do-it-yourself, good-health care ever since.
Celebrate this Autumnal Equinox by Reducing Your Stress! On September 21 you will have the opportunity to cultivate practical Compassion, Awareness and Relationship skills to Ease Stress. For all of us stress is an unavoidable part of modern life. Its effects can be far-reaching. The good news is we can learn and apply practical methods to reduce stress and its harmful effects.

Fifty years of scientific investigation of the stress management process have identified three fundamental points:
  • Stress levels predict physical and psychological health.
  • People facing the same demands can experience different stress levels.
  • Compassion, mindful awareness, and emotional intelligence determine stress levels.
On September 21, psychotherapist and teacher Dr. Tia Rich introduces CARES™, practical Compassion, Awareness and Relationship skills to Ease Stress. In this presentation, you will learn how these research findings are true, actually apply the skills to reduce current stress in your life, and construct a personal action plan to start enjoying the benefits of your new knowledge and skills.

Dr. Rich has a psychotherapy practice in Menlo Park, and teaches health and wellness classes at Stanford University. She earned a M.S.W. and Ph.D. in Social Welfare from the University of California at Berkeley, a M.A. in Health Psychology from Stanford, and completed 15 months of full-time residential training as a mindfulness yoga and meditation teacher while living at the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy. Her background also includes training in Chinese Medicine, Buddhism and Christianity, Chinese brush painting and pastel portraiture. She studied macrobiotics with Michio Kushi, Herman Aihara, and Patrick and Meredith McCarty, and has been a member of the Monday Dinner community since our beginnings 22 years ago.

The concepts introduced in this presentation will be covered in more depth in a six-session, Tuesday evening class on practical Compassion, Awareness, and Relationship skills to Ease Stress (CARES™) at Stanford beginning October 6. For information on the class and Dr. Rich's stress management, psychotherapy and health promotion services, see
Hickory Hiziki Land and Sea Soba Salad
  • 1 package (8 oz) mugwort soba (or any combination soba noodles)
  • 2-4 kale leaves
  • 1-2 cups chopped cabbage or Napa cabbage
  • 6 green onions sliced
  • 1-2 carrots grated
Hiziki ingredients in saucepan:
  • 1/3 - ½ cup hiziki (or arame if hiziki is unavailable)
  • 2 tsp shoyu
  • ½ tsp brown rice vinegar
  • ¾ - 1 cup water to cover hiziki
Toss Sauce
  • ½ cup shoyu
  • 1/3 cup toasted sesame oil
  • 1/3 cup brown rice vinegar
  • 2 tsp fresh ginger juice
  • 1 Tbsp hickory smoke natural mesquite
  • 1-2 Tbsp maple syrup to taste
Bring 5 quarts water to boil. Add noodles and gently stir. Soak hiziki ingredients in saucepan 5 minutes. Cook gently with lid on until all water is absorbed. Mix toss sauce in a bowl and set aside.

Remove noodles to serving bowl when done (about 10-12 minutes). Add cabbage to the noodle water. Cook 2-3 minutes. Add kale. Cook 1-2 minutes. Add grated carrot. Cook 1 minute. Drain and remove to bowl. Add hiziki mixture when done. Add toss sauce and scallions garnish.

by Barb Jurecki-Humphrey, from her cooking class at French Meadows Summer Camp
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