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Seventeen Years of Monday Dinners!
Celebrate and Sing with us on May 10!

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of the
Peninsula Macrobiotic Community!

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green onions
     Chef Gary Alinder with some members of his cooking class.
Chef Gary Alinder (blue apron) with some members of his
cooking class Even More Soups on January 24, 2004.

17 Years of
Vegetarian Dinners
Chef Gary Alinder
Every Monday, 6:30 PM
First Baptist Church, Palo Alto
305 North California Avenue
at Bryant
1/4 mile East of Alma
Sit Down or Take-out, $13
Reservations Required:
Call 650 599-3320 by
Monday 9:30 AM.
News and Announcements
My mother first dragged me to these macrobiotic dinners about 8 years ago. I kept coming back because the food was so good and I was discovering foods I'd never heard of. I had no idea that grains and vegetables could taste good! We've been coming off and on over the years, and during that time met so many people who had recovered from serious illnesses and disease through macrobiotics. I am so thankful now for these dinners and getting exposure to what amazing things macrobiotics can do for your body, because now, at age 38, I've been diagnosed with cervical cancer. But I am very positive about my future because I know that I can use macrobiotics to take control of my health for the first time in my life, and I know I will heal and will be healthier (and happier) than I ever have been before. Also, what makes these dinners enjoyable, as well as informational, is the warm friendliness of everyone I've met here. It is such a caring, positive environment, that I look forward to Monday nights (plus I don't have to cook!) Thank you, Peninsula Macrobiotic Society and everyone who makes it happen.  D.W.

On May 11, 1987, Chef Gary Alinder prepared a Gourmet Vegetarian Dinner at St. Bede's Church in Menlo Park. That quiet beginning launched a reliable, weekly Dinner event which has provided healthy and delicious food, fueling an extraordinary community of friends, for an amazing 17 years now. Join us on May 10 for the Seventeenth Anniversary Celebration of the Peninsula Macrobiotic Community! It will be a Karaoke evening, so sing and laugh with us--or if you don't sing, enjoy watching and listening to others sing (or try to)!
As a way of building community spirit and raising funds, we are considering a Silent Auction sometime this year, asking our members and supporters to donate goods or services for auction. Donations would be accepted and held over a period of weeks, during which written bids could be made. The auction would end at a special Dinner, when winners would be announced and the goods and services paid for and distributed. The auction might be part of a larger fundraiser.

Coming Events
Mon Apr 12 : Patrick McCarty speaks on Alternative Medicine In Practice.

Mon May 3 : Odette Rickert presents T'ai Chi and Qigong.

Mon May 10 : Seventeenth Anniversary Celebration with Karaoke!

Mon May 31 : Memorial Day, No Dinner.

If anyone would like to organize and administer a Silent Auction for our group, or donate something for auction, please speak to any member of the Board of Directors (Ken Becker, Gerard Lum, Colleen Corey, Ilona Pollak, Janet Nystrom, or Lillie Barrows).

Monthly Vegan Potlucks! Sunday, April 18, 6:30 PM, hosted by Richard Cabrera in Palo Alto, call 650 321-4978 to let him know you're coming and to get directions. For information on the May potluck, or to host a future potluck, call Harold Stephenson at 650 856-1125.

The environmental organization Acterra ( hosts the following Earth Day events: Earth Day Forum: Farm Fresh Food Fest, Saturday, April 17, 1-5 PM at Mountain View City Hall Atrium/Rotunda, 500 Castro St, free. Learn about re-localizing our food system and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Meet with farmers and see their "boxes" of fresh organic food, which can be delivered to your neighborhood, home, or business. CSA members pay farmers an annual fee to cover operating costs and receive a weekly share of the harvest. This helps smaller farms stay in business and CSA members receive a wide variety of foods harvested at their peak of ripeness, flavor, and vitamin-mineral content. Earth Day Decadent Dinner, Saturday, April 24, 7 PM, at a private home in Palo Alto. Sliding scale $30 - $100 per person. RSVP to Laura Stec by April 20, 650 962-9876. This is the 10th Anniversary of the Decadent Dinners, which aim to support the environment through informed food choices.

EarthSave Bay Area sponsors Vegan Dinners and Events: Sunday, April 25: Comedian Ross Turner, "Playing With Food", Radisson Inn, Sunnyvale, $23. Thursday, May 13: George Eisman, RD, "What Diet is Right for You?", San Jose, other details to come. Tuesday, May 18: George Eisman, RD, "What's Wrong With Atkins?", Passage to India, Mountain View, details to come. Dinner starts at 6:30 PM; the event starts at 7:30. For more information, call 408 380-1214 or see

The 35th Annual French Meadows Summer Camp, sponsored by the George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, takes place July 24 - Aug 1 in the Tahoe National Forest. For information on one of the premiere macrobiotic events and best vacations anywhere, visit gomfcamp/fmsc, pick up a brochure at Dinner, or call 800 232-2372.
Cooking and Classes
Chuck Collison, Assistant Chef of the Monday Dinner, runs a meal service in Marin and is a personal chef. Call 415 258-0528.

Macrobiotic Counselor Michelle Nemer teaches Strengthening Health Cooking Classes and Macrobiotic Workshops in Oakland:
  • March 27: Cooking - Simple Summer Cooking #1.
  • April 3: Cooking - Women's Health & Beauty Cooking;
    Workshop - Women's Health and Beauty.
  • April 17: Group Health Consultation (10 AM - 1 PM).
  • April 24: Cooking - Home Remedies in your kitchen;
    Workshop - Self Massage and Palm Healing.
  • May 1: Cooking - Simple Summer Cooking #2;
    Workshop - Introduction to Macrobiotics.
  • May 8: Cooking - Summer Noodles Part 1.
  • May 22: Cooking - Summer Salads Part 1;
    Workshop - Healing Meditations.
Cooking Classes run from 10 AM-12:30 PM, Workshops 2:30 PM-5:30 PM. $45/class or workshop, $80/full day program. Call 510 527-4367 for information and registration.

James Holloway, frequent Guest Chef at the Monday Dinners, does personal home cooking in Palo Alto, in macrobiotic and classical styles, call 650 852-9182.

Anne Mark does takeout meals and lifestyle recommendations, and teaches macrobiotic cooking classes in Palo Alto, call 650 843-0255.

Carolyn Peters offers private cooking and catering in San Francisco. She is experienced in macrobiotic, vegetarian, and conventional styles. Email, or call 415 552-5879.


Cooking & Classes




the bumble bee
shouldn't be able to fly,
but the bumble bee
doesn't know it
so it goes on flying anyway.

Mary Kay Ash

The best and
most beautiful things
in the world
cannot be seen
or even touched--
they must be felt
with the heart.

Helen Keller

The future belongs
to those who believe in
the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Live out of your imagination,
not your history.

Stephen Covey

After-Dinner Events
Speakers receive a gratuity from the audience; please show your support and appreciation with a donation ($5-10 suggested).

On April 12, Macrobiotic Shiatsu Counselor Patrick McCarty will speak on Alternative Medicine in Practice. When dealing with health problems, many of us have found valid alternatives to conventional medical approaches. Patrick will demonstrate some methods of Alternative Medicine to assess both body and mind, which are inter-related and inseparable. Also, he will introduce approaches to treatment that are based on fundamentals of good health.

Patrick studied at the Kushi Institute in Boston and the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and co-directed the East-West Center for Macrobiotics in Eureka. He has lectured and taught at locations around the world, and readily shares the knowledge and experience from his very active counseling practice.

On May 3, Instructor Odette Rickert will present T'ai Chi and Qigong, ancient arts based on the same energy philosophy as Feng Shui, Acupuncture, other martial arts, and hands-on healing. By mobilizing 'chi' through our body, including our organs, muscles, bones and nervous system, we can heal ourselves and release energy blockages that cause illness. Profound health and well-being benefits from T'ai Chi and Qigong include:
  • increased vitality and energy
  • lowered blood pressure and heart rate
  • improved resistance to illness and disease
  • peace and integration of mind, body and spirit
  • reduced negative and draining responses to stress
  • decreased incidence of anxiety, fatigue, impatience and anger.
After an introductory overview of these art forms, Odette will guide us in body awareness through gentle meditative movements and whole body breathing. She will focus on mobilizing chi and centering your body structure, thus improving your posture, balance and overall energy flow. Rejuvenate, relax and center yourself with Qigong exercises that you can take home with you.

Odette has been teaching T'ai Chi and Qigong through community college and educational organizations, senior residences, fitness centers and private lessons for four years. Her calm, cheerful and philosophical nature encourages patience, joy and laughter. Odette studied with Master Teachers for eight years, who endorse and encourage her teaching of these Eastern art forms. 
Seventeenth Anniversary Celebration
May 10, 2004

Sparkling Juice

Avgelemono Soup

Garbanzo Burgers with
Parsley-Tahini Sauce

Cracked Wheat Pilaf

Braised Spring Veggies

Greek Salad

Pita Bread

Walnut Cake with
Lemon Syrup Glaze

Mint Tea


Join us for Karaoke!

More Dinner Menus...

Black Bean Soup
  • 1-1/2 cups black beans (soaked)
  • 1-1/2 quarts stock or water
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 5 garlic cloves-minced
  • 2 med. onions-diced (save 1 for sauté)
  • 1/4 cup cilantro stems
  • 4 peppercorns
  • 1 tsp salt (add at end of cooking beans)
  • 1 tomato-skinned,chopped
  • 2 T olive oil (for sautéing onion)
  • 1 jalapeno-chopped
  • 2 T shoyu
  • 1 cup multi grain or soy milk
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne
  • fresh ground pepper to taste
  • chopped cilantro for garnish
Cook beans (simmer) with ingredients through peppercorns until soft, add salt and tomato last few minutes, transfer to a blender but reserve one cup whole beans. Sauté one onion and jalapeno with pinch of salt, until onion caramelizes, about 8 minutes. Deglaze with shoyu, add to beans in blender. Puree with multi grain milk and cayenne pepper, add back to cooking pot with whole beans. Bring to a gentle simmer, adjust seasonings, garnish, and enjoy.

by James Holloway
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