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Number 102            October / November 2003            Peninsula Macrobiotic Community

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16 Years of
Vegetarian Dinners
Chef Gary Alinder
Every Monday, 6:30 PM
First Baptist Church, Palo Alto
305 North California Avenue
at Bryant
1/4 mile East of Alma
Sit Down or Take-out, $13
Reservations Required:
Call 650 599-3320 by
Monday 9:30 AM.
News and Announcements
The San Francisco Vegetarian Society celebrates World Vegetarian Day on Saturday, Oct 4, 10 AM to 10 PM, at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, Lincoln & 9th Avenue, next to the Arboretum. Speakers include John Robbins, author of Diet For A New America and The Food Revolution; John McDougall, M.D., Director of the McDougall Health Center in Santa Rosa and author of McDougall's Medicine and other books; Alan Goldhamer, D.C., author of The Pleasure Trap; Michael Klein, Co-Founder of Roxanne's Restaurant, and Director of the Rainforest Action Network; and others.

Also included are an Exhibition Hall, Outdoor Cafe featuring International Vegan Cuisine, Food Demos, Organic Wine Tasting, Entertainment, Fashion Show, Buffet Dinner catered by Flacos, and Dancing. A donation of $5 is suggested, free for kids under 12 and for students with I.D.; free for all until 10:30 AM. For more info, see

During October, the First Baptist Church, as one of a group of churches participating in the Urban Ministry Program in Palo Alto, will take its turn to host the homeless. Our Monday Dinner group must be completely cleaned up and out of Fellowship Hall by 9:00 PM. Dinner will start earlier than usual at 6:15 PM. We will revert to our normal schedule and operation in November.

Coming Events
Sat Oct 4 : World Vegetarian Day Celebration at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, Lincoln & 9th Avenue, 10 AM - 10 PM.

Mon Oct 6 : First Dinner in October; Dinners in October begin at 6:15 PM.

Sat Oct 18 - Sun Oct 19 : Strengthen Your Health, a weekend of classes with Denny and Susan Waxman. Call 510 527-4367.

Mon Oct 20 : Denny Waxman speaks on Eight Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health Without Going In The Kitchen.

Sat Oct 25 : Planet On Our Plate, a day of Tasty Activities and Organic Information at Kresge Auditorium, Stanford University, 8:30 AM - 4 PM.

Mon Nov 24 : Thanksgiving Theme Dinner, $20.

Denny Waxman, internationally known teacher, counselor and writer in the fields of health, natural healing and macrobiotics, and his wife Susan, a faculty member at the Strengthening Health Institute, will host a Strengthen Your Health weekend on Sat Oct 18 - Sun Oct 19, featuring the following:
  • How To Improve Your Health Without Going In The Kitchen, lecture with Denny on Oct 18, 7:30-9:00 PM, $25
  • Macrobiotic Cooking Class with Susan on Oct 19, 10 AM-12:30 PM, $45 includes lunch
  • Discover The Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth, lecture with Denny on Oct 19, 2:30-5:30 PM, $65
  • Group Health Consultation with Denny on Oct 19, 7:00-9:30 PM, $60 participant, $30 observer, limited to 12 participants.
Call 510 527-4367 for location and to register. Package rate for the first three classes, $125. Advance payment required, no refunds.

The Foundation for Global Community, a Palo Alto based nonprofit dedicated to building a world that benefits all life, will sponsor Planet On Our Plate, a food-systems event highlighting seasonal, local and organic foods and inspiring ways to create positive change through food choices, on Saturday, Oct 25, 8:30 AM - 4 PM at Kresge Auditorium, Stanford University. The event has the theme "Sustaining Us, Sustaining Earth"; presentations include Fast Food, Junk Food - Impacts on Person and Planet, by Michele Simon and Linda Riebel; Local Food, Global Prosperity by the International Society of Ecology and Culture; The Art and Culture of Polenta, by Chef Laura Stec; and much more. Also included are food tastings, workshops, a children's program, and related activities. $25 ($20 prepaid), $5 for students. See or contact Laura Stec at 650 328-7756 x613.

Monthly Vegan Potlucks! Sunday, October 19, 6:30 PM, hosted by Chuck Olson in Santa Clara, call 408 296-6944 to let him know you're coming and to get directions. For information on the November potluck, or to host a future potluck, call Harold Stephenson at 650 856-1125.

The September/October issue of the Non Credo World Macrobiotic Newsletter, a special Cooking Extravaganza dedicated to Macrobiotic Cooking--"the greatest art form in the world"--is available at The double issue features especially valuable articles by talented editor Yogen Kushi, Gabriele F. Kushi, and Christina Pirello, along with a wealth of recipes for super soups, voluptuous veggies, beautiful beans, glorious grains, and delicious desserts. Its fresh and artistic approach is sure to re-invigorate your interest in cooking!

Work is love made visible.
And if you cannot work with love
but only with distaste,
it is better
that you should leave your work
and sit at the gate of the temple
and take alms of those
who work with joy.

Kahlil Gibran

Cooking and Dinners
Cookbook Author Meredith McCarty teaches three Saturday Cooking Classes in Mill Valley: Oct 11, A Harvest Meal; Oct 18, An Italian Dinner Party; and Oct 25, A Holiday Feast. 10 AM - 12:30 PM, includes mini-meal, $50/class or $135/series or $35/person when bringing a new friend. Call 415 381-1735 to register. And in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October 2003), Meredith will lecture on Nutritional Approaches To Breast Cancer on Oct 7 at Mill Valley Community Center, and Nov 12 at the Tiburon Library, 7-9 PM, no charge.

James Holloway, frequent Guest Chef at the Monday Dinners, does personal home cooking in Palo Alto, in macrobiotic and classical styles, call 650 852-9182.

Anne Mark does takeout meals and lifestyle recommendations, and teaches macrobiotic cooking classes in Palo Alto, call 650 843-0255.

Meekk's Kitchen prepares a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes in Palo Alto, menu updated weekly, call 650 424-3900,

Carolyn Peters offers private cooking and catering in San Francisco. She is experienced in macrobiotic, vegetarian, and conventional styles. Email, or call 415 552-5879.

After-Dinner Events
Speakers receive a gratuity from the audience; please show your support and appreciation with a donation ($5-10 suggested).

On October 20, Denny Waxman will speak on Eight Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health Without Going In The Kitchen. Everyone wants to feel relaxed, have abundant energy and strong health. There are simple steps you can take day to day without having to alter your busy lifestyle. Many people live such active lives they don't have time for cooking. How can you order well in restaurants to insure the best nutrition? What easy activities will give you the most energy? What can you do in little time to increase your sense of satisfaction and nourishment? Denny will offer surprising answers to these and other questions to help even the most overwhelmed among us to make choices which give big results for our health.

Denny Waxman is an internationally known teacher, counselor and writer in the fields of health, natural healing and macrobiotics. In 1982, he gained worldwide recognition for guiding Dr. Anthony Sattilaro, then President of Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia, to a complete recovery from terminal prostate cancer. This experience is documented in Dr. Sattilaro's book, Recalled by Life. In his over thirty years of macrobiotic counseling, Denny has guided thousands of clients with a wide-range of concerns back to health. His varied accomplishments include founding Essene Natural Food Store in 1969, serving as Director of the Community Health Foundation in London and running the Mid-Atlantic Macrobiotic Summer Camps. In 1997, Denny founded The Strengthening Health Institute for the purpose of formally teaching his unique approach to health and healing. In addition to his active health counseling practice in Philadelphia and New York, he is currently looking for funding to purchase a building in Philadelphia to establish a permanent location for SHI. His new book, The Great Life Handbook, is now available.
Thanksgiving Celebration
November 24, 2003

Sparkling Holiday Punch

Gingered Red Kuri
Squash Soup

Scallion Cornbread

Roast Seitan with
Couscous Pilaf Stuffing and
Rich Mushroom Gravy

Orange and Maple Glazed
Sweet Potato Spears

Cranberry Kanten Salad

Green Beans with
Slivered Almonds

Mixed Greens with
Raspberry Vinaigrette

Apple and Pear Tarte with
Tofu Cream

Grain Coffee and Teas


More Dinner Menus...

Bok Choy with Deep Fried Somen in a Light Shoyu-Ginger Kuzu Sauce
  • 1 package of somen (light)
  • Safflower oil for deep frying
  • Paper bags or unbleached towels for draining oil
  • Bok Choy cut in large 2-inch chunks, separating bottoms, middle and greens
  • Sea salt
  • Light sesame oil
  • Shoyu
  • Kuzu dissolved in a little cold water
  • Peeled grated ginger
Part I - Deep Frying Somen:

Note: Frying somen noodles can be tricky because they are salty and cook very quickly. Keeping this in mind, you want to use less oil than usual deep frying and the temperature of the oil can be a little cooler.
  • Fill a deeper style cast-iron pot approximately 1/2 full with safflower oil.
  • Heat oil gently; Test a noodle to determine when the oil is ready for deep frying. The noodle should hang at the bottom of the pot for a couple seconds, then rise to the top and cook within a matter of a few more seconds.
  • Fry a small bunch of noodles at a time (long noodles may be broken in half).
  • Remove quickly and place on a paper bag or towel to drain off excess liquid.
Part II - The Creation of the Dish:
  • Using a large cast iron nabe or wok, heat, then add light sesame oil to lightly cover the bottom of the pot.
  • Disperse oil evenly, then add the bottom white part of the Bok Choy and sauté over a medium flame.
  • When the bottoms are evenly coated with oil, add a pinch of sea salt and continue to sauté another minute.
  • Add 1/2 inch of water, cover, lower flame and simmer 4 minutes or until the pieces begin to sweat.
  • Next, add the middle cuts and mix. If the dish needs a little water, add some.
  • Simmer with the lid on for another 3-4 minutes.
  • Remove lid and add the leafy greens, blending until the color of the leaves darken a bit.
  • Add enough water to make a thin sauce.
  • Add a little shoyu.
  • Add the deep-fried somen and mix, covering the noodles with the liquid.
  • Add a small amount of diluted kuzu, while stirring, to thicken the sauce.
  • Season with a little more shoyu for a mild taste and continue to stir and bring to a boil.
  • Add a little fresh grated ginger or ginger juice.
by Susan Waxman of the Strengthening Health Institute.

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