About the Peninsula Macrobiotic Community and The Gourmet Vegetarian Dinners  
Thanksgiving Theme Dinner 2010
Diners enjoy the Thanksgiving Theme Dinner 2010
Welcome to the Peninsula Macrobiotic Community!
Our primary activity is putting on a Gourmet Vegetarian Dinner every Monday night in Palo Alto, at the First Baptist Church, 305 North California Avenue at Bryant, 1/4 mile East of Alma. This is a full vegan dinner which includes soup, grain, beans or bean products, vegetables, dessert, and beverage, prepared by expert natural foods Chef Gary Alinder, our Chef since our inception in 1987. Dinner price is $18, reservations requested by Monday, 9:30 AM, 650 599-3320. If you can't dine with us, you can order a takeout!

All are welcome at our Dinners, vegetarian or not. The Dinners are particularly helpful for those who want to eat in healthy ways, but may not know how to get started. Many who attend may have the same health concerns you have.

Seating is communal, all are friendly, and newcomers are welcome. Attendance ranges from 60 to 100, with a full spectrum of ages spanning newborns to grandparents, including quite a few interesting singles. Many long-term friendships have started at a Monday Dinner, and are renewed every week!

New! View a slideshow of the Monday Dinners and other activities of the Peninsula Macrobiotic Community!

When a noteworthy speaker or other event is available, we feature an After-Dinner Lecture or Event. Lectures are usually on macrobiotic or other health related topics, by a variety of speakers including macrobiotic counselors, medical doctors, cooking teachers, and people who have dealt successfully with serious diseases using macrobiotic or similar approaches. Other events have included performances by folk singers and vegetarian Chinese acrobats. We have a pass-the-hat policy for our events; we suggest a donation of $5-10.

Dinner Menus are published in advance and accompany the Newsletter. The Newsletter lists and describes After-Dinner Events, cooking classes, take-out meals, macrobiotic and related conferences, services, restaurants, and markets. The Dinner Menus and Newsletter are published every two months, six times per year, available online only at this website, http://peninsulamacro.org. Mailings were discontinued; the last issue mailed was October/November 2012.
Email Notification of Newsletter
To receive an email notification each time the Newsletter and Dinner Menus are published on this site (every two months), .

Tax-Deductible Contributions
We welcome and can use additional contributions to the Peninsula Macrobiotic Community, as income from the Dinners does not pay all of our expenses. We are a nonprofit organization, so additional contributions are fully tax-deductible. Write checks to "Peninsula Macrobiotic Community", and mail to Gerard Lum, 101 E. Middlefield Road #9, Mountain View, CA 94043, 650 903-0447.






Meredith McCarty lectures on Low-Acid Eating
Meredith McCarty lectures on Low-Acid Eating
Frequently Asked Questions About The Monday Dinners
I'm interested in your Dinners, but I'm not sure about coming because I'm single and I won't know anyone there.

Please come! Our Dinner Manager will help integrate you into our group. Seating is communal, with 8-10 people at a table. All are friendly; our regular diners often spontaneously introduce themselves to newcomers. If you like, we can put you to work serving Dinner!

Or if you prefer, you can get a takeout dinner to enjoy at home.
Do I need to make a reservation for the Dinner at 6:00 PM?

So our chefs can purchase appropriate quantities of food, reservations are requested by Monday morning at 9:30 AM.

To reserve, visit our Meetup group, reserve and pay in advance using the Eventbrite link for each dinner menu, or call 650 599-3320 to hear our recorded message and record your reservation. For our special dinners which may sell out, such as the Anniversary in May or Thanksgiving Theme Dinner in November, early reservations (days in advance) are advised.

If before 9:30 AM, leaving a message is sufficient to make a reservation. You can leave a call back number, but we will call you back only if there is a problem.

If after 9:30 AM and you are still interested in Dinner, leave a message with a callback number. If we can accomodate you, we will call you back. (This is a new policy beginning 2006.)

To see our menus, click on Current Menu above.
Do you accept credit cards or checks?

No. We do not accept credit cards or checks--bad checks have been a problem for us. Please pay with cash. However, it is now possible to reserve and pay for each dinner in advance with a credit card using Eventbrite. Look for the link near the bottom of each dinner menu. Credit cards are not accepted at the door.
Can I make Dinner reservations online?

You can reserve online through our Meetup group or Eventbrite link for each dinner. You can also reserve by telephone, call 650 599-3320.

Whichever method you use, please reserve by Monday morning, 9:30 AM. For our special dinners which may sell out, such as the Anniversary in May or Thanksgiving Theme Dinner in November, early reservations (days in advance) are advised.
If I cannot honor a Dinner reservation that I've made, should I let you know?

Yes. Please call 650 599-3320 to let us know as soon as possible, so we can transfer your reservation to another interested party. Reservations that are not honored increase our costs.
Do I need to make a reservation for the lecture at 7:30 PM, on evenings featuring a lecture?

It is not necessary to make a reservation for the lecture.

Note that we have a pass-the-hat policy for our After-Dinner Events; we suggest a donation of $5-10. All money collected goes to the speaker.

Also note that the suggested donation is separate from the Dinner price. If attending both dinner and lecture, total cost will be $18 (dinner) + $5-10 (suggested donation) = $23-28.
Where will the Dinner and Lecture take place? Can you provide a map?

The First Baptist Church, 305 North California Avenue at Bryant (click for map), 1/4 mile east of Alma, Palo Alto, CA. There are two buildings on the church grounds, the main church and a smaller building (Fellowship Hall) next to it. We meet in Fellowship Hall.
Where do I park?

There is ample street parking available. The church is in a quiet residential neighborhood; please be considerate of the neighbors and do not block driveways.

The church requests that you do not park in a church parking space alongside Fellowship Hall, even if open spaces are available.
The Peninsula Macrobiotic Community Staff
President: Ken Becker
Dinner Manager: Maureen O'Kicki
Dinner Manager (Honorary): Patricia Becker, Jay Whitcraft, Ilona Pollak, Miklane Janner
Newsletter Editor/Webmaster:
Volunteers: Jane Kos, Bob Griffin, Judy Serebrin

Chefs: Michael Bauce and Marta Serda, Shinobeau McConney, Susanne Jensen
Chefs (Honorary): Gary Alinder, James Holloway, Chuck Collison
Sous Chefs (Honorary): Robyn Swanson, Paul Schmitt
Clean-up: K.C. Griffin
Clean-up (Honorary): Colleen Corey

Web master: Gerard Lum (website)
Web master (Honorary): Robin Silberling

Mailing Address: The Peninsula Macrobiotic Community, 99 Oak Haven Way, Woodside, CA 94062 (address newsletter correspondence to the Mountain View address in Tax-Deductible Contributions above.)

Newsletter and Menu back issues

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